Nfocus: Web reporting for Avaya call centers


BCMR replacement

BCMR / BCMS-Vu is the oldest of the two reporting systems by Avaya. It has been around for as long as many users will remember. It offers real time statistics and historical reporting for small Avaya contact centers. But let’s face it, although being an entry level reporting tool, it is cumbersome to maintain and distribute, requires lots of updates, and is somewhat outdated and today’s market. Nfocus eliminates the use of Avaya BCMS-Vu or BCMR, by being an adequate replacement.

Web-Based Call Center Reporting

meisje1To date, call center reporting and management solutions have been limited in scope or very expensive and extremely difficult to deploy. Also, the data and information supplied by most existing call center reporting solutions today is overwhelming in volume and complexity and it is almost impossible to make sense of it.

Finally, most call center reporting solutions are unable to quickly distribute key performance reports to everyone throughout an entire organization in a timely manner. Key performance data simply does not reach call center managers and other personnel quickly enough to properly assist them in making sound business decisions.

Our solution to these problems is Nfocus:

  • Unlimited Supervisor Views
  • 100% Web-Based
  • Real-Time & Historical Reporting
  • Scheduled Email Report Delivery
  • Custom Alerts

Nfocus produces a wide range of web-based real-time and historical reports which provide powerful insight into Avaya call center opera­tions. Easy-to-understand Nfocus reports provide in-depth analysis of key call center operations. With no limit on the number of autho­rized users, N-Focus allows organizations to make informed, timely decisions that result in increased call center revenue and reduced operating costs.

Fast to Deploy and Easy to Administer

All versions of the Avaya Definity and Communication Manager and Aura platforms are supported, alleviating the need to upgrade your current systems or software to begin using Nfocus.

Additionally, multiple PBX support allows call centers the ability to link multiple locations or PBX’s together with one easy-to-use Nfocus interface. A fast and simple installation process, Nfocus Web-Based Call Center Reporting Solution can be up and running in your call center in less than 30 minutes.

Functional, Flexible and Affordable!

Nfocus provides full-featuredaffordable reporting for small to mid-sized Avaya call centers on tight budgets as well as powerful performance analysis and report distribution for large call centers with huge numbers of agents. Nfocus Plus offers enhanced web-based reporting for CMS environments.

Regardless of the size of your Avaya call centerNfocus will assist you in increasing revenue and reducing operating costs by providing the right information about your business to the right people at the right time!

For more info download the Nfocus brochure, or check out the demo. Also feel free to contact us at any time, for a 14 day trial period, to experience Nfocus yourself, firsthand!


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